Review: Shameful Reckonings

Shameful Reckonings
Shameful Reckonings by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It isn't often Mr. Lewis does non-con. This is one of his earlier works which he brought together into one book. Both of the story themes hit my kinks - very well. Mr. Lewis is one of the gentlest male writers when it comes to BDSM fantasy capture slavery. He goes pretty easy on the women. I think this shows a sensitivity and true enjoyment of women in real life for him. Often times when men write non-con, they are cruel sadistic bastards to the women. They make the women rather vapid and easily broken. Mr. Lewis does it a little different.

In Giancarla, a trophy wife makes a big mistake. She's been stepping out on her husband and she's been caught. What he does to her is right up my alley. Giancarla is sent to a sex slavery ring to be trained and sold as slave Gia. The scenes in here are arousing if a bit mild. I was hoping for a lot more graphic humiliation and demoralization of this naughty housewife. They say, women are more sadistic to other women. I would say this is true! I wanted Gia to suffer so much more. This sexual slavery story is a good start for those who are just starting to get into this kink.

In Tropical Hell, it's cranked up a notch when two female con artist are caught and turned into sexual slaves. There is a bit of f/f in hints here and there. I wish there was more. The ending is fitting and just starts to get good. I can only wish to find out what happens to Sigrid as she's sold to the one man she doesn't expect. I hope terrible depraved things happen to her!

Mr. Lewis's writing style is smooth. His stories are erotic because it is a journey for every female coming into their sexuality, whether they want to or not. The sexual acts are all plausible for the most part. While they can be a bit punishing, it's a guilty pleasure to see these females get their comeuppance. The characters are simple but show a bit of spirit which I like in all females forced into sexual slavery. None of them appear broken...yet.

This two for one sexy story is recommended for BDSM lovers who enjoy a bit of vengeance through slavery.

*I received this book as a gift from an author

      Shameful Reckonings

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