Review: The Unchained Slave

The Unchained Slave
The Unchained Slave by Jack Brighton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Looking to walk on the smexy wild side? The plot your destination to Mr. Brighton's Wild Side stories. In this fuckfest, there is a little bit of everything for your spanking pleasure. This is a fun smexy story about a twink, Dylan. Spoiled privileged rich kid Dylan is furious with his father. His father had the gall to lose money and stop funding Dylan's life of leisure.

Dylan's sulky self whines to a favoured History teacher. After shutting Dylan by sticking a cock into his annoying pie hole, the teacher tells him about the Wild Side as a possible job opportunity. Dylan is definitely a lucky whore. He easily sells his asshole, cock and mouth for the easy living. Dylan's definitely picked up a ticket on the gravy train. He also pulls a train so it all works out. Can you tell I can't stand Dylan? His life is to easy and good. So forget about this dunce, instead focus on the m/m graphic dirty sex.

Mr. Brighton delights the reader with gang banging, whipping, grudge ass fucking, rimming, fleching and double penetration. I happen to love grudge ass fucking stories so this worked well for me. It would be interesting to read a spin off story just on Hassan. Perhaps Hassan will descend a couple more levels of sexual hell. This would amuse me. The more graphic and humiliating, the better! This tale despite the constant glorious m/m sex is quite sweet. It's a journey of a newbie learning the ropes with hot hung men. Recommended for m/m lovers who enjoy dirty sex.

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