Review: The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo

The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo
The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo by Kerrelyn Sparks

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Returning back to the world of bleer and blissky, this one intrigued me because of the Chinese element. Leah Chin is a geneticist specialist brought into the world of paranormal. She's here to solve the mystery of the humans with vampire strength. How is this happening? Apparently, a demon is responsible. From the land of science and logic, Leah is thrown into a chaotic world of vampires, were-animals, angels & demons. Oh my!

Leah doesn't take it so well. Yet she does find herself attracted to the quiet and melancholy vampire, Dougal. This Scotman prefers his past to stay in ancient history. When he meets Leah, his past comes rushing back like a tidal wave.

This story is sweet. Ms. Sparks follows her consistent formula of an alpha male with a tortured past. He's redeemed by the true love of a woman. There is always some flaw with this women. In Leah's case, she's socially awkward. Stick her in a lab and she shines brilliantly. Place her in a crowd and she shrinks within herself.

Ms. Sparks creates engaging characters and moving stories for them. This one is no different. The romance is sweet if a bit slow. The world she's created is continuously expanded to keep it fresh. Although, I don't believe there are many supernaturals left to throw into this world. She's used almost all of them. When will she stop? When she gets to the kitchen sink?

What is disappointing about this story is the lack of Chinese integration. While Leah is half Chinese, none of that showed through in the books. She's basically a white girl with a Chinese dad and Chinese last name. While there was Chinese "spoken" in this book, none was written in Chinese. It was all in English. So really, why even bother with a white washed Chinese character? Disappointing. The Tiger clan in China could have easily been placed in any country. They didn't come across as Chinese either. Little subtle pieces of Chinese culture could have been inserted into this story to make it more authentic.

Overall this is sweet romance dedicated to soul-mates and true love. Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy conflicted alpha men.

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      The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo (Love at Stake, #14)




Yay! I love this series! I do need to get caught up with the last few though. Why is there never enough time??
I am thinking that as I get older, I should be sleeping less, right? So maybe I'll have enough time...

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