September 2013 Book Recommendations

Steampunk Femdom
Camilla's Consequences Camilla's Consequences by Helena Harker is a delicious tale of vengeance. The BDSM with the steampunk femdom twist is delightful! My review

M/m romance
Leather+Lace (Opposites Attract, #2) Leather+Lace by A.B. Gayle is a must read. I was late in our BOTM discussion. There is still time to join in and discuss with those of us who fell for this book. Sweet romance with poignant memories brought forth. My review

M/m suspense (Hillbilly logic)
Mountain Prey Mountain Prey by Lyn Gala is frighteningly funny. This is yet another story of vengeance. My review

Spanking Good FUN!
Just A Spanking  Tales of Dominance and Submission Just A Spanking: Tales of Dominance and Submission by Lisabet Sarai is for lustful spankophiles! This is a paddling good time. my review

Forced feminization aka sissification
Ravenwood School for Sissies Ravenwood School for Sissies by Aimee Allison is written for those who delight in forced feminization. It's humiliation and oh so good to read. For me, totally panty wetting and added to my spank bank. My review

BDSM light and romantic
Back in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado, #9) Back in Bliss by Sophie Oak is for the romantic who also enjoys ménage. I'm not just a sadistically dark vengeance craving BDSM reader. I do read some lighter sweet material too. My review

Intense Body modification
Laura's Evolution Laura's Evolution by J.G. Leathers is extremely intense and completely a fantasy. This is not for the mild or medium BDSM readers. There is little plot or character development. It's a journey into hell. There isn't heavy body modification, but it's pretty damn creative. Don't say I didn't warn you. My review

Shameful Reckonings Shameful Reckonings by S.J. Lewis ends this recommendation on another vengeance story. This is a two-fer. There are two stories of sexual submission through retribution. My review


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