Review: The Alexandra Series

The Alexandra Series
The Alexandra Series by Lizbeth Dusseau

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Sensual women explore their sexual fantasies with dominating men. This is a theme which is popular and so sexy. In The Alexandra series, it's a collection of five stories. The main three characters are Alexandra, Will and Reggie. The third tale introduces another woman, Jocelyn. She continues on as a main character through stories four and five.

I am conflicted regarding this book. There were many times I didn't enjoy it. This is because I didn't like the characters. I loathed Alexandra. Jocelyn started out refreshing only to bomb out in an epic fail. Characters make a big difference for me when it comes to the enjoyment of a book.

Starting out with the good, the BDSM scenes in this story are arousing. The intensity of the punishments at times comes across sadistically cruel. The cold clinical manner of Reggie's dominance is sexily appealing. One cannot fault Ms. Dusseau as far as the BDSM scenes go. Between the discipline, spankings, F/f, gang-banging and rough anal sex, it's tantalizing and satisfying.

The explorative journey into submission for Alex through Reggie's experienced hands is quite enjoyable. The discovery of Jocelyn's desire to sexually dominate women is smoking hot. Her fantasies run very close to mine. For BDSM content alone, it is a 4 star.

When it comes to a well-edited story with a plot, Ms. Dusseau also does not disappoint. The scenes work well. The conflicts are believable, if aggravating. Readers familiar with Ms. Dusseau can tell this is one of her earlier works, now revised. The revision is good as it does update the story to current times. It is also more polished than her earlier works. For writing alone, it would be a 3 star.

Based on character development alone, however, this is a 1 star. Both Alexandra and Jocelyn grated on me because they are dishonest for no apparent reason. They are irrational in their thoughts and too immature for my tastes. When they are paired up with men who are logical, mature and too forgiving, it makes both women look even worse. Basically, when a junky car is parked right next to a high end well-maintained car, the junky is even more deplorable. This is exactly what happens with Alex and Jocelyn.

Both of these women have sexual fantasies and desires. The only things their men want from them is honesty, communication and acceptance. These men are even fine with sharing. They just want to know about it. They want to share and enjoy the sexual pleasures of their lover, even as a voyeur. Above all, Will and Reggie want their women to accept their own sexuality and be comfortable in their own skin. Neither Alex nor Jocelyn can do this. They repeatedly cheat on their husbands. They don't even need to! They just do. Also, their manipulative manner is off putting to me. I loath topping from the bottom. These two women aren't just bratty. They are disrespectful and selfish. Everything about them is crass and déclassé. They constantly undermine the bonds of their love with their men. It's just baffling why the men keep taking them back. It doesn't make these men come across as strong and forgiving. Instead, in the end, they appear pussy whipped. Perhaps the men secretly desire cuckolding.

Despite the well-written story, all too realistic conflicts and hot kinky scenes, the characters made this story painful to read. My constant need to smack the women upside the head made it difficult to enjoy the story. Even at the end, the women do not redeem themselves. In fact, the story ends with them at an all-time low.

This kinky journey is for those who enjoy reading about deceitful women and the men who love them.

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