Review: The Broken Triangle

The Broken Triangle
The Broken Triangle by Jane Davitt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow together again for the Square Peg series is a must read. This is a 3.5 star smexy yet sensitive book.

Vin is a regularly guy who works at a bar. He's a nice guy with a bad boy outer shell covered in tattoos and a sweet gooey inside. Riley is the spoiled rich boy who is from the wrong side of the tracks. Patrick is the party boy with an open-for-business sign on his butt. Poor Vin is tugged in two directions between Riley and Patrick.

What is so attractive about Ms. Davitt and Ms. Snow's characters is how well they represent an average person. There are no billionaires sweeping a poor boy off his feet. Vin, Patrick and Riley all hold real jobs that are relatable. They have friends who are recognizable in our own lives. This familiar aspect makes the story more personal and engaging. Very quickly, Vin, Patrick and Riley become recognizable friends. The twist and pull of the relationships yank the reader in and sides will be chosen. Team Patrick or Team Riley, which one are you? Both guys possess good and bad qualities. Which one will Vin choose to play with? Why not have both? Right, like most situations, Patrick and Riley don't get along.

This tale is more than just who wins Vin at the end. It's a sweet journey of growth for Patrick and a sexual discovery for Vin. The sex is sizzling and scrumptious. Vin's exploration in sex is so good to witness. It will satiate many a voyeuristic fetish lover. Even Vin and Patrick are treated to a torrid Peeping Tom opportunity. Characters Ben and Shane from the first series make a racy cameo with some rough loving on a pool table. Now I will suspiciously look at pool tables at every bar. If a black light is cast on it, what will I see?

Davitt and Snow craft a sweet and hot romance in a smooth single voice. It's not possible to distinguish who wrote which part. This team is polished and they shine. From the loveable characters to arousing sexual recreation, they cover it all. The triangle may be broken, but their artistic ability is not. This sweet coming of age romance is recommended to contemporary m/m romance readers.

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      The Broken Triangle (The Square Peg, #2)




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