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Camilla's Consequences
Camilla's Consequences by Helena Harker

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It is true. When enraged by betrayal, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Camilla is an oddity in the society. She is a single woman of great wealth at the age of 25. She's also considered a spinster since she is still unmarried. Her formative years is filled with world travel, which is unusual. It's kismet when she met Samson. He created the panoptoscope which is basically a camera. This allows Camilla to capture images of animals in exotic locale. Camilla has an amazing eye and becomes a renowned panoptographer.

While Camilla is making a name for herself and increasing the popularity of Samson's device, Samson is enjoying the delights of another woman. Sadly, Samson believes marriage doesn't equate to fidelity. Breaking her heart, Samson crushes her with another almost fatal blow. But Camilla is a survivor and she plots her crusade.

Camilla subverts her artwork into documenting men who don't understand loyalty. She becomes judge, jury and executioner. It is pretty hawt. What is very sexy is how she doles out the punishment. This edgy non-con with bondage and spanking is fabulous. Ms. Harker does a great job with twisted vengeance. I love it, even if it is a bit mild for me. If there were a little bit more pain and humiliation, it would have made this story scorching hot. Still, each depraved activity Camilla captures with her panoptoscope is tantalizingly taboo. The m/m scene is graphic and a good starter. The heat cranks up through the entire story and culminates in a righteous punishment. The switch to punishing Camilla for playing "god" is perfect. I really enjoy how her past comes to bite her. When she finally starts to open up, she is stabbed by a dagger from an unsuspected source.

The characters in this story completely pull me in. Hephaestus is a good match for Camilla. He possesses a grim history which made him into what he is today. It makes him a bit mysterious with repressed fury. It's always interesting how there are two sides to every story. Each person feels they know the truth and when the full picture is revealed, it is not what it originally seems.

An added element to this vindictive erotic meal is the steampunk element. Many stories jumping on the steampunk bandwagon tend to slap a few steam-powered machines to fake the reader out. Some use common devices and slap on the steampunk label. Ms. Harker is different because she spent time creating a steampunk world which is more than just the devices. She incorporated the Victorian morals, clothing and speech. Her steampunk devices are interwoven into everyday life which makes this story richer and refreshing. One can only hope there are more stories to come in this fascinating world.

This sultry erotic novel is recommended for steampunk lovers who like the bite of a crop.

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I also don't understand why sex is illegal if we pay for it. Let people do it if they want and tax it like any other commodity. I think poly marriages should also be allowed.
@AVR - yeah, I never understood why paid sex is illegal. I have no problems with poly marriages.

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