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Capture & Surrender
Capture & Surrender by L.A. Witt

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Former military men playing kinky paintball where it's a capture and surrender theme? Where do I sign up? I am never going to think of paintball the same way again. I don't even have to play the game; I'd be happy to be a referee like Frank. Frank is the owner of Market Garden, a high end club which hosts exclusive rent boys. Too bad this is a club filled with studly men for men only. With Nick retiring, Frank needs another dominant to fill the desires of these needy submissive clients. New guy, Stefan from America fits the bill.

Stefan is physically fit and a young twenty something dominant. He walks the talk. Johns are tripping over each other for some time on Stefan's dance card. Frank tries to ignore it because Stefan hits all his kinks and then some. It's complicated. The reader finds out exactly how complicated about a third of the way into the story. It's heartbreakingly complicated and it makes this story feel even more real.

Authors Voinov and Witt are definitely the dynamic duo. They could have made this story just a wild porn-tastic ride. Seriously, the pair write some of the hottest kinky male on male sex coating over a grave message. They let their freak flag fly with absolutely no embarrassment. They take the reader with them to covertly spy on men getting down and dirty. The face fucking, captured and then forced surrender are graphically depicted. Is a little interrogation scene too much to ask for? Perhaps the next book in this series can include a bit of hardcore Q&A or maybe some medical play. Hello Nurse!

The sexfest aside, Voinov and Witt take on a tough topic. What happens when the one you want carries a STD? How does this impact your work life? How does it impact how others treat you? How do people in your friends circle react? The reader receives enough of a glimpse to understand the hardships and tough decisions. It's not easy and life does go on. This is a beautiful lesson woven into a delicious enjoyable package. Great job! This m/m romance is recommended kinky readers who enjoy chasing or being caught.

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