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Caught by Menace (Grabbed, #2)Caught by Menace by Lolita Lopez

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A secret rebel is in the list of women for another Grab. The Grab is where Sky Warriors descend to a planet and chase women through the woods to capture them. If the woman is caught, they become the wife of these warriors. Women are picked through a lotto system. This time, it's a bit different.

Naya didn't win the lotto. She bribed her way into the list. Her reasons are noble. Her goal is not to be captured. The plan is to make it to the end for freedom with her friend, who did get picked for the lotto. Plans seem to go awry for every rebel female. Menace, one of the Sky Warriors participating in the Grab, eyes Naya's friend. He ends up with Naya, a feisty handful.

This second story in the series is just as steamy as the first one. Menace's initial handling of Naya is all sorts of wrong. This causes a few conflicts which makes for a bumpy honeymoon. Menace did learn a few lessons from his friend, Vicious. Naya and Menace overcome their disagreement through an intense interrogation scene as well as some gentle loving.

This story cranks up the kinkiness with a prison scene that is hot and punishing. Menace's invitation of a second man to help chain Naya and explore her every hole is smoking. Each of the different sex scenes between Naya and Menace are a treat. This tale is more than titillating relationships between a husband and a wife. There is a conflict which is tied to Naya's past and her ability to get something done.

Ms. Lopez does a good job with a meatier plot in this book. She incorporates the supporting cast of characters from the first book which ties the series together better. Seeing another side of Terror this time around is interesting. He's more ruthless. Instead of a hero, he is more of a villain. He is quite mysterious. His tight friendship with Menace comes into question.

Menace is a sweet character. He doesn't exactly live up to his name. He's more of a protective German Shepard. He's similar to Vicious from the first book. It's just a slight variation of the tarnished white knight. Naya is the more interesting between the two. She's the survivor. She's lived through betrayal since a young age. She consistently pulls the short straw in friends and family. She's a classic example of why it's best to only depend on oneself. It's amazing how she still cares and gives her loyalty. She's admirable.

What was missing for me in this story is more of a connection between Menace and Naya. There isn't the same graceful submission as the previous book. What is also missing is the chemistry between Menace and Naya. Yes, the sex is arousing. Yes, Naya does tentatively trust Menace, but Menace just seems to be a bit more lacking in the connection to Naya. It isn't ‘til near the end of the story when the connection finally sparks and catches hold. It would be interesting to see the two of them a couple of years from now.

The character who stole the book is Terror and his inexplicable behaviour. One can only hope he gets his own book. This futuristic space traveling romance is recommended to readers who enjoy a bit of dubious con kink.

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      Caught by Menace (Grabbed, #2)




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