Review: Dead Sexy Dragon

Dead Sexy Dragon
Dead Sexy Dragon by Lolita Lopez

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Shifters and mating heat is an increasingly popular paranormal fantasy. In Dead Sexy Dragon, instead of wolves with knotted dicks or cats with barbed dicks, there is a fire breathing dragon. Stig Wyvern is able to feed off the dreams of humans. He's more of a guy who can slip into the dreams of others and participate. When his good friend's sister, Cora Cardenas shows up frightened and begging on his doorstep, he can't say no. He desperately wants her but she's human and he is in the middle of his sexual heat.

Ms. Lopez is starting a new series which is okay. As a dragon lover, this story is appealing. The world building is very light. Much of it borrows from other dragon mythos and requires the reader to fill in the blanks. This is a paranormal romance; the spotlight on the romantic element is expected. Ms. Lopez delivers a fast falling in love story with two sweet characters. There really isn't much to either Stig or Cora. They both come across as nice characters who are sexual attracted to each other.

The erotic elements to this story is good. The kinky restraints pushes this to a SugarKink category. Overall, this is an enjoyable short read recommended for dragon lovers.

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      Dead Sexy Dragon (Dragon Heat, #1)




I'll be reading this one this coming week.

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