Review: A gift From James

A gift From James by Chris Bellows

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When it comes to degradation, sadistic cruel and unusual punishment as well as emasculation, look no further than Chris Bellows. For those looking for a kinky romance novel, STOP and move on. Do not read this book. This book is for the depraved kinky folks who enjoy extreme femdom stories. These aren't what happens in the lifestyle. This is instead, the stuff we read to spank our monkey. We read this with guilty pleasure as our fingers/hands/toys move furiously to get us off.

This is an enjoyable piece from Mr. Bellows. His characters tend to be extremes - submissive or aggressive. There is no in between. I've only read where the dominant is a female. Each one is devilishly cruel with absolutely no humanity towards their bottom/slave/submissive. The women get off on the power trip. They get off on suffering and they are happily destroying any possibility of sexual pleasure for the slave. If this doesn't get you off, don't read the book.

The character development is so-so. The world building is subpar. The plot development is a bit out there. The story isn't about awesome characters we fall in love with or a world we wish we could visit. It's about the erotic journey of mental, emotional and physical destruction of a hapless boy or girl. There are no happy endings here, unless we're talking about the Domme receiving hours of satisfying pussy licking and anal rimming.

This story covers the usual kinky queening, caning, cbt, body modification, fisting and pegging. There is scant detail with the cuckolding or cock sucking which is a bit of a disappointment. Some forced gang banging upon James from some well endowed men would have cranked up the heat a bit more. The piercing is deviant and delicious. The possible branding is promising. Would be interesting to see what happens to James several years down the line. Recommended for femdom lovers who enjoy the taboo fantasies.

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