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Hers to Choose
Hers to Choose by Patricia A. Knight

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Sophillia's life was turned upside down when her world was shattered. She's sold off into sexual slavery. The horrors she's experienced is traumatizing. Rescued and recovering back on her homeworld, she's still plagued with nightmares.

In this second installment from the talented Ms. Knight, an old enemy is back. Actually a couple of old enemies returned. What I find appealing about Ms. Knight's stories is her gritty no holds bar in death and torture. She doesn't go into excruciating details nor does she gloss over it. The aftermath of those who suffered at the hands of an evil enemy is just right.

Ms. Knight continues to add to this world. It captivates me. The sexual rituals are alluring. This one is less about ritual and more about erotic satiation. Characters from the previous book make a lovely cameo appearance. The focus is on Sophillia, Flight Leader and sexy Eric DeStroia. Both main characters are admirable. They are very relate-able to readers. While they are of the aristocratic class, they are down to earth. They embody the philosophy of protecting. They are also the perfect match for each other. I liked Eric's ability to look past a woman's beauty to see her worth. I liked Sohpillia's courageous journey from catatonic to warrior woman. The two of them coming together isn't easy. There are a few rough starts which after many bonding experiences through adversity, it smooths out.

This plot kept me up all night as I read through it in one sitting. I enjoyed how at each point, Sophillia and Eric's plans were foiled. They suffered a lot through loss of friends and sister/brothers in arms. Ms. Knight's careful building of power is very good. It makes the story follow a logical conclusion. I eagerly look forward to the next book. It seems there are a few hints to who will be showcased in the next novel. I recommend this to sci-fi/fantasy lovers who enjoy sweet sexual healing.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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      Hers to Choose (Verdantia #2)




I have books 1 & 2. I'm going to get to them before the end of the year. Can't wait!
It's good to read them one after another.

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