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Hidden Dragons
Hidden Dragons by Emma Holly

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Dragons, werewolves, fae swirl into a fantasy worth reading! Ms. Holly pens a great story in her Hidden series. I haven't read the previous one and now I must go back and read them. This is one I had to read because I am a dragon lover. Not only do I love dragons, fae are high on my list of supernaturals that I enjoy.

The heroine Cass Maycee reminded me a little bit of Daenerys from the Game of Thrones. The storylines are completely different. However, the raising of dragons from eggs is similar, specifically since Daenerys also has three dragons. This is where the similarity ends, yet it is enough to pull me deeper into this story.

Cass Maycee is a half-breed. She is half fae and half human. In the world she lives in, it is acceptable to a certain degree. She's back in "The Pocket" where humans and supernatural creatures co-exist more or less peacefully. This Pocket was created centuries ago by the pureblooded fae. It's interesting because the prologue almost makes it sound as if this world creation is a mistake which a Queen fae will fix. In current times, it seems the mixed bloods with humans are thriving. They even have their own law enforcement. Rick Lupone who knows Cass from high school is a cop in this world.

The story is wonderfully woven with magic, dueling fae and werewolves to the rescue. Ms. Holly creates a mystical world which makes this human wish she were part of it. It's not too different from the human world except filled with a little more magical oomph. There is more danger yet it seems to be balanced with awe-inspiring wonders.

The characters are endearing, too. Cass is a cast as a poor little rich girl, but she's more than her rich family background. Her nickname Snow White is quite amusing. She does have her Prince Charming moment which wakes her from her deep sleep. This deep sleep is actually her young memories suppressed until she is old enough to deal with it. It feels like a betrayal when many of her youthful experiences finally come to light. It pulls on the heartstrings of the reader learning what was done to her. It's understandable yet no less sad. Rick could have been an arrogant alpha male. Instead, Ms. Holly designates him as a beta wolf, second in command to the alpha male of the wolf pack. He's smart, loyal and protective. All excellent qualities as a police officer, mate and knight in shining armor. His helping Cass is fated and it's a sweet romance in the making.

This story felt as if it were only the first chapter in many. The reader wonders what will happen to the dragons. It's a rich world with many possibilities and one can only hope Ms. Holly will share more stories from this enchanting universe. This fantasy romance is rated 3.5 stars and is recommended for paranormal readers who love happily-ever-afters.

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      Hidden Dragons (Hidden, #4)




I love Emma Holly. I seriously need to get going on this series.
I need to read the others in this series. So good with this one!

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