Review: His Lordship Possessed

His Lordship Possessed
His Lordship Possessed by Lynn Viehl

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The title of this story says it all. Part two of book one picks off right where part one left off. Kit is still trying to avoid being killed. She's now learned a lot more about these Aramanthans. They are pretty frighteningly powerful as well as megalomaniacs. She is ill prepared to deal with them. Joining forces with Dredmore is perhaps the only way she can survive. What Kit uncovers is worse than she could have imaged.

Ms. Viehl continues to build this world and enhance each character's past. This is well done as the reader finds out more about Kit's grandfather. This is a key factor in the resistance against the Dark Forces she's been warned about. What is sad is the truth about Dredmore's past. Through no fault of his own, he's been cast aside by everyone. This is hard to stomach as an adult. To be relegated as far away as possible at the tender age of five is incomprehensible. All of these pieces makes for a more riveting story as the reader feels more for the two lead character.

Where Ms. Viehl shows weakness is in her plot devices. There is a leap of logic in how Kit figures out who is tormenting Lady Diana Walsh. It seems sudden with little too no clues up. Another is the ending of the story. To my mind, it's a Deux ex machina which is not my favourite way to work out an insolvable problem. Literally through magic which the story doesn't lay the ground work, all of Kit's issues are resolved. She saves the day through every obstacle because she uses a magic "easy button". It brings this story down for me. Yes, there is magic which can solve many problems. However, in a world with magic, there are certain rules. The rules Ms. Viehl laid out already doesn't cover this last piece of magic. Or at least she didn't build it strong enough upfront for this piece to integrate in smoothly. These resolutions came out of left field which made an enjoyable book at three stars drop a star because it just didn't make sense to me. It left me stunned and the ending came across like a jarring gallop on a runaway horse. Still, it's book I can recommend to those who enjoy magic and happily ever afters.

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