Review: Just A Spanking: Tales of Dominance and Submission

Just A Spanking: Tales of Dominance and Submission
Just A Spanking: Tales of Dominance and Submission by Lisabet Sarai

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every time I read a story from Ms. Sarai, it's arousing and sensually erotic. This one of "just spanking" is more than spanking fun. There are various combinations in the short stories. Fortunately I'm pansexual so I enjoyed almost every single story. HAWT!

Ms. Sarai writes the sex scenes with tasteful kinkiness and just the right emotion. The emotion could be happiness, fear, anger, etc. It's always the right one at the right time. Her stories are well packaged into tightly written pieces with a beginning, middle and end. What she does do, is give us a lust for more. I feel satisfied with each story and I look forward to her next one. It's like going to my favourite dim sum restaurant. There is a satisfying meal for my desires and I can always return to her for more!

There is only one story in here that I wasn't thrilled with. It's the one dealing with eating disorders. My friend who had an eating disorder was not like this. What I've been taught for how to help or work with someone with eating disorders is actually completely opposite of how it's handled here. Now obviously, I've only been trained on common textbook eating disorders. I'm sure there are variations. People are different. However, the underlying issue with eating disorders is that the person feels they are out of control. People are pressuring them or society is pressuring them. They can not control anything so the only thing they can control is their body. What they can put into it or force to give up. I realize I'm making it very simplistic and I'm definitely NOT in this field of expertise. This one story just made me feel ill at ease.

Still, this story is a must read and I recommend to kinky readers who love spankings!

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