Review: Laura's Evolution

Laura's Evolution
Laura's Evolution by J.G. Leathers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy crap this book is into some crazy body modifications through piercings. This is obviously a BDSM fantasy story. This is totally unrealistic with very little character development. Is there even character development? Well, other than Laura's physical development into total enslavement.

This is a depraved dark spank bank material which is not for the meek. This is for those who don't mind inhuman treatment causing a completely mental breakdown, this book is for you. The old adage, "Be careful of what you wish for" is never so aptly captured as it is in this novel. Laura wanted some permanent jewelry and restraints. She didn't realize quite how extreme her husband would take it.

I rated it a 4 star because of it's sadistic creativeness. In addition, body modification through non-con is something I enjoy reading. Involving another a woman as a "caretaker" further adds heat to this story. From a purely dark fantasy standpoint, this is devilish. Obviously this isn't something to be done in real life as there are many different negative ramifications for all these mods. The prevailing result is most likely death. What would have cranked up the heat a bit is if Laura was forced to also watch her husband have sex with other women while she's restrained. There was very little sexual abuse of her by other humans. It was a bit too clinical with all the machinery. Still, it's graphically arousing. BDSM book only for those who have very few hard limits in reading.

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I read another one by him. Same theme, this time femdom.
I'll still pass. I'm just not into extreme. Some bondage, spanking, pegging, wax play and orgasm denial would be more up my alley. Role play, too. And funishment. Mmmmm....
Yeah, definitely no funishment here.

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