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Mountain Prey
Mountain Prey by Lyn Gala

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Kidnapping, revenge killing, moonshine and drugs are all illegal. One would think these would all be bad, no matter the circumstances. However, Ms. Gala turns these concepts upside down in some ways. The drug selling is still bad, but the others are all okay.

Stewart "Stunt" Folger is essentially a forest ranger checking on the lands in the Appalachian mountains. He gives most of the mountain men or "hill folk" a wide berth. It's not so much because he's gay, but because he's paid by the federal government. The hill folk hate the government more than anything else. Honestly, their points are kind of valid. The hill folk hold to their own brand of justice code and morale. To the city folks, it's plum crazy. After listening to the hill folk for a while, it starts to make sense. Even without partaking in their moonshine, there is a sort of straightforward logic to their madness.

Unfortunately for Stunt, he trips over Alex who is hell bent on killing a drug dealer. Alex is avenging a family member. From a hill folk viewpoint, kin is important and this is just. From a legal perspective, Stunt is floored. Stunt is held against his will by Alex until the drug dealer can be killed. Everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

This is one of those crazy stories where there is a pause and the narrator states, but there's more! Alex and Stunt generate some of the most harebrained ideas. It's a wonder they aren't hurt more or killed. Ms. Gala constantly pokes fun at her characters as they acknowledge how flawed their plans are and how incredibly stupid. Alex and Stunt aren't righteous. They aren't bad. They are two guys doing their best with the hand they are dealt. This makes them more relatable and at times, endearing. The fact that some of their cockamamie plans work despite getting caught is mind blowing. But not everything goes the way it should, which is why Ms. Gala is an awesome writer. She throws in curveballs so nothing is too easy nor is it beyond belief.

During all this action, Alex and Stunt learn more about each other, even in the biblical sense. Boy, is their sex hawt! It's a little bit of dubious consensual bondage, which is all sorts of messed up with the kidnapping theme. Stunt and Alex both happen to be versed in the BDSM world which is lucky for them. Especially since Stunt is a bottom and Alex is a Top. Well, Stunt is a mouthy pushy bottom who deserves what he gets. At times, even I wanted to put a gag in his motor mouth. Ms. Gala certainly cranks up the heat between these two as they get their freak on. It's fortunate the barn they play in didn't burst into flames with their wicked fornication. This suspense m/m romance is recommended to kinky readers who have a twisted sense of humour.

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