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On Location
On Location by Sindra van Yssel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A headstrong female clashes with a domineering male seems to be a popular theme. Ms. van Yssel's interpretation of it is arousing and amusing. Teresa's job is a terrific one. She flies to different locations to determine how it can be used in movies. There are people who have jobs just to check out cities, tropical island and exotic locales? Where does one apply for this job?

Teresa's latest assignment takes her to Submission Island. It's a little island in the South Pacific, totally wrong vegetation for the Mediterranean movie she's been tasked to work on. It makes no sense, but she's paid to do the job, not question the director. Submission Island is owned by four Doms. The one in resident, Kyle, is a curmudgeon. He does come across initially as domineering which quickly switches over to dominating. His laconic dialoged and steely glare puts Teresa on the offense. Watching the two of them spar with words and push against each other's misconception is entertaining.

When the whips and chains come out to play, it gets really good. The BDSM resort female guest rooms are a fantasy come true. This is a bit more fanciful than some of Ms. van Yssel's other works. While the exquisite erotic tortures perpetuated by Kyle's experiences hands are to die for, they are more romantically portrayed then her usual realism. It is hawt to read and sexily stimulating. This is the kind of kinky BDSM many readers long for and Ms. van Yssel delivers.

The focus of the story is Teresa and Kyle's relationship. This could be just an erotic BDSM awakening story. Ms. van Yssel adds in a surprisingly believable suspense twist. This strengthens the overall story. Tying in secondary characters who become main characters for a set of four in this series also increases the appeal. While I did not read the first book in this series, after reading this one, it makes me want to go read the first one and eagerly await the rest to be written. Recommended for kinky readers who love romance.

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