Review: Overture: Ghost in the Closet

Overture: Ghost in the Closet
Overture: Ghost in the Closet by S.L. Armstrong

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Hangovers from drugs and booze are hell. When it's mixed with outer body experiences or even past life viewing, it is a killer.

Gabriel continues to be drawn into Dorian's web. This good twin is ready to party on the wild side. His first rebellion draws the ire of his twin, Michael. Michael only knows too well the allure of drugs and unprotected sex. His life is an example of what not to do. He can't do anything to prevent Gabriel from plowing forward, but he can take control to give Dorian a piece of his mind.

This third installment by talented duos S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet is a bridge to the next installment. Or at least, this reader hopes so. There is no sex in this short tale, instead Dorian's past is exposed and the twins come clean about their supernatural ability.

The story is written tightly as one would expect from this duo. The thing which is disappointment is the shortness. Yes, it is a serial. It seems as if more questions are raised and the reader is still left hanging. It does make me want to tune in to read the next two in the serial to find out what happens. How will this relationship unfold now that Gabriel is feeling betrayal from multiple fronts?

This m/m serial is recommended to paranormal lovers.

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      Overture: Ghost in the Closet (Immortal Symphony: Overture #3)




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