Review: Overture: Going to Ground

Overture: Going to Ground (Immortal Symphony: Overture #5)Overture: Going to Ground by S.L. Armstrong

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is this a time out? Away from the distractions of orgies filled with booze and drugs, Dorian is going crazy. Living the life of a poor bookstore clerk is frustrating him no end. Poor Gabriel is the target of Dorian's abusive tirades and tantrums. Slap a tiara on Dorian's head so he can look like the spoilt princess he's mimicking.

In installment number five, the reader learns more about Dorian's likes and dislikes. Instead of being larger than life, he's more down-to-earth. The idyllic few months with only Gabriel as a companion is starting to satiate Dorian's needs. He's even come to enjoy it. Still, he's a kinky bastard who is now taking a sneaky look at Michael, Gabriel's dead twin. What would it be like to bang a set of twins at the same time? Dorian seems to be bent on finding out.

Duos Armstrong and Piet fill in yet another layer to Dorian. Who is the real Dorian? They keep the reader guessing and hoping. This installment is sweetly romantic. However, it is quite apparent the treasured time hiding away from the rest of the world would come to an end. Even if this time is filled with gentle loving sex, it can't last. The reader's lulled into compliancy only to be yanked back to the dire situation Dorian fled from.

What is it that Henry really wants from Dorian? The authors build a nice tense suspense to be resolved in the next installment. Recommended for m/m readers who love simple romantic gestures.

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      Overture: Going to Ground (Immortal Symphony: Overture #5)




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