Review: Overture: Shadow from the Past

Overture: Shadow from the Past
Overture: Shadow from the Past by S.L. Armstrong

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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What is so terrible that would make a powerful Magi like Dorian run? Apparently a blast from the past is more than he can stomach. In fear of Henry's demands after a pointed reminder of what he can do, Dorian forces everyone he holds dear to flee.

Does Dorian even have a go bag? He doesn't. He scurries away in the middle of the night with no backup plans and very little money. This is what I don't understand. Surely a man who's lived this long would have contingency plans if he needed to disappear. If I were as wealthy as he was, I'd have bolt holes all over the world and create many different aliases to use. He's in the position to do it. Then again, his lackadaisical manner with his party playboy style explains his complete lack of preparations.

Duos Armstrong and Piet reveal another piece to this enigmatic character. This tale is short yet reveals more about Dorian and how he responses to certain threats. The plot does move forward a bit yet there hints to be much more. Until the next episode, dear readers. I'll be tuning back in - same bat time and same bat channel!

Recommended for m/m paranormal lovers who have a soft spot for poor rich boys.
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      Overture: Shadow from the Past (Immortal Symphony: Overture #4)




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