Review: Taming Dru

Taming Dru
Taming Dru by Nikki Prince

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

This is the comeuppance Drusilla so richly deserves. After making her sister Cinda suffer needlessly over the years, Dru is going to be taught a lesson by Flora, a Domme. Or not. This fairy tale retold with a kinky twist is about Dru coming to terms with what she wants versus what her mother wanted for her.

My hope with this story is that of Dru being punished by Flora. Some hawt dubious consensual F/f is something I looked forward to reading about. Perhaps some spankings to bring Dru to a realization of how poorly she's behaved. Or maybe floggings, nipple clamps and edging to bring Dru to some harsh realizations. Instead, Flora wines and dines Dru. Dru miraculously changes overnight. Now, from a "gentle" therapy method, I'm sure the carrot instead of the stick methodology is the preference. However, in this story, I'm hoping more for the stick, as in a cane or riding crop on Dru's ass.

This is a kinder gentler romance story with very kink and glossed over F/f. It's an okay read and for those who are looking for a bit of sweet redemption for stepsisters behaving badly.

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