Review: An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt

An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt
An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt by Kari Gregg

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The Romance Review

Mistress of dubious consensual and gritty sex is back. Ms. Gregg kicks off this story with an intense hide and seek.

Shane West is one of the humans in a race to win immeasurable treasures. His goal is not to be victor, but to be a trusted and valued trade negotiator with the Mariket. What is a Mariket? It's a type of feline humanoid. These very horny cats pounce on humans and play with them before they fucked the humans hard in the ass.

Ms. Gregg creates a world with similar rules as The Hunger Games except these participants are all males who fight to have a spot. The lightly eluded training for the game is depraved. The rewards can be high. It seems there are no female competitors. Only males from many different species trying to get rid of the other participants in this fight to be victor. The rules of the game are confusing for those who have no baseline in this kind of hunt. It's not exactly clear why Shane doesn't want to be a victor. What is clear is that there are nymphomaniac male cats who will use their feline special cocks to thrust a contestant into submission. Why is it only male on male? Oh, the tragedy.

Yes, for those who have issues with shifter sex, this is not the story for you. For those who are aroused by shifted shifter sex, this is as close as it's going to get to bestiality without crossing the line. Ms. Gregg blurs the lines in a hawt sexy manner. It's so good. Shane's prey to his feline capture is sublime. Ms. Gregg writes some of the hawter m/m dub-con rough sex scenes. The thrusting, grunting, biting, scratching and bodily restraining will send a reader out into orgasmic orbit.

The plot contains some twists which conclude a little too quickly. The story feels rushed. It would help if the story showcased a little more of the training. Really, how does one train one's asshole to accept a large cat dick? Details, Ms. Gregg, graphic details please!

While it's understandable to keep Shane's reason for joining the hunt quiet, there could have been more explanation of the hunt rules up front. It's not difficult to figure out, it just felt a bit disjointed and less smooth of a read. Despite these drawbacks, the story is a delicious mind candy. This erotic m/m sexfest is recommended to those who love the pursuit and capture theme.

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      An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt




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