Review: “Aunt” Grace

“Aunt” Grace
“Aunt” Grace by I.G. Frederick

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Interested in a little F/f delight? Ms. Frederick and her slave Patrick bring a smexy short tale of F/f loving. Jen is looking for a place to live close to her college campus. The best place would be the home of her "Aunt" Grace. Before Aunt Grace agrees, there are a couple of conditions Jen must agree to abide.

Ms. Frederick pens a delightful short story. The story flows smoothly and the sex is arousing and satisfying. There are not many F/f stories. To have one with kinky BDSM is a treat. This story does leave a reader wanting to know more. How does the rest of the college years go for Jen? Recommended to f/f readers who enjoy a bit of kink.

*I received this book from an author as a gift

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      “Aunt” Grace




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