Review: An Executive Decision

An Executive Decision
An Executive Decision by Grace Marshall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a must read romance novel. Ms. Marshall is an excellent writer who infuses her stories with strong emotions. I have no idea why I waited so long to read An Executive Decision. That is a bad decision on my part. I did read this series out of order. I read book two first. After reading that story, I was so intrigued I needed to read the first. I am so glad I read this book. I would have missed out on a wonderful contemporary romance.

Contemporary romance is generally not a genre I read because it doesn't translate well to me. Most of the time, the stories are romantic fantasies which makes my eyes roll. The characters are usually shallow and completely out of touch with reality. Those books are great for escapism; I just read other genres for my escapism.

The differences with Ms. Marshall's contemporary pieces is the character and world building. Ms. Marshall breathes life into her character with conflicts and problems I can understand and sympathize. The fears Dee Henning experiences as an executive assistant to Ellison Thorne are very real. I can relate which pulls me into this story deeper. I'm vested in the outcome. Dee is a female character I admire. Ms. Marshall also creates a desirable male lead. Ellison is a man I can respect and admire. He makes mistakes and pays for it. It's nice how Ms. Marshall doesn't gloss over it.

Beyond the character building, this story is really something I enjoy. I love stories which feature businesses with the idealistic mission and vision of Penuma Inc. The underlying theme of this story which is do no harm is something which makes me smile. The way Ellis and Dee fight against injustice is admirable and enjoyable. It's a message of hope and what we can all aspire towards.

The sex scenes in this story are sweet. The hawt factor comes in because they are boss and subordinate. The whole executive sex clause is amusing for me. Ms. Marshall's timing for her humour is spot on. The sex isn't overly graphic and definitely not what I consider kinky. It's not even a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen. This sexy sweet romance novel is highly recommended to those who enjoy a good plot and great characters.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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      An Executive Decision (The Executive Decisions, #1)




Not really a fan of contemporary romance myself, but I do love a good plot and great characters. *adds carefully to TBR and runs away*
*hears creaking of the bookshelf, runs quickly after AVR*

I was surprised how I enjoyed this trilogy. Little sex, no BDSM and yet it really tripped my trigger.

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