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Good Boy
Good Boy by Anne Tenino

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What happens after the happily ever after? Brad and Sebastian are featured in this little novella. The pressures of writing a thesis is getting to Sebastian. He's cranky and taking Brad for granted. Brad is confused and feeling neglected. He's also missing an essential element he needs from Sebastian - D/s.

This small concise glimpse into the couple's life is bittersweet. It's bitter in the sense that every couple experiences ups and downs, especially during times of stress. The sweet part is how Brad and Sebastian communicate and bond. There are a couple of moving passages which makes me enjoy this story more than I expected.

Brad reached for him, a quick caress of Sebastian's chest. "Not unloved, exactly. More like uncared for." Uncared for should have hurt less than unloved, but it made Sebastian feel nauseous. It meant that he was falling down on his job. Not maintaining their relationship. (location 338)

This may not mean much to most couples. For someone who needs D/s in their life, this is a punch to the gut. I know exactly how Brad feels and this make the story more personal for me. When Brad tries to explain what he wants to Sebastian, it once again pierces my heart with a direct hit.

You're sort of my master, and I'm sort of that - your pet. And part of that kind of relationship is that the dog always knows his master is, you know, there for him. Like, his master picked him out and took him home and chose him to be with. He feels secure, even when his master isn't around or his master forgets to play ball with him for a few days."(location 383)

This explanation of neglect makes a D/s reader wince and sympathize. By generating these kinds of emotions, this tale works for me. It shows me that Ms. Tenino "gets it". Plus it makes her characters more relatable which makes the story more enjoyable. This m/m romance is for those who wonder if perfect couples every have spats.

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