Review: Revealing Us

Revealing Us
Revealing Us by Lisa Renee Jones

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Eager yet dreading to see what is Chris's big reveal, I picked up this story and read on. In the first two in this series, Chris and Rebecca struggle with each other. Mostly it is Sara's issue with her past. In this one, the reader is treated to Chris's dark past which could cost him Sara's love. What could be so dark and depraved that Sara would leave him?

This book is a hot mess for me. I don't like the implications made about BDSM. In each book, there is an increasing negative light focused on BDSM and how it is damaging. Or at least how people who are "damaged" cleave to BDSM. This immediately turns me off. Ms. Jones's portrayal of BDSM leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I wonder about her agenda.

Second, the characters have devolved to become whiny self-absorbed pissants. Chris is supposed to be this high powered artist who is in demand. While he is still in demand, he comes across as pussy whipped by a juvenile behaving female who doesn't deserve his love. I kept waiting for his deep dark secret. Did he have sex with a minor? Is he a sex offender in France? Did he kill someone? Does he like cock up his ass and in his mouth at the same time? What is it? When the truth is revealed, I had to go back and re-read it. I blinked and in a second, the deep dark secret flew by me without registering. If this is what someone considers to be a terrible deed or past where they would be judged as unlovable, then they need to find a new lover. Seriously.

Third, what happened to Sara? Sara came across as a strong female in the first book. She's fought her way out of her father's control and made a life she enjoys. She was reaching for her dream. In this story, she's emotional and immature. Learning about her from her perspective is painful. Do people really have these crazy thoughts and reasoning in real life? If so, then it must be exhausting. Her outlook in life and her conclusions to situations makes no sense to me. She's become a clingy female who protests too much. She is an irrational stereotypical female. For example, she doesn't like Chris's money to "control" her. Get over it. Do something about it rather than whining. Her incessant insecurity and low self-esteem makes for a torturous read. At one point, I hoped she would be killed so that Chris could move on.

Some may protest that Sara stood up to one of Chris's ex-lovers. Her behaviour is so inconsistent it doesn't make sense. The one scene where she physically made a point, it was totally out of character based on the last book and the first half of this book. I didn't buy it. When it comes down to it, when characters bore me and I want them to die just so the story can move on, it's not an enjoyable read. The sex was terrible as was the view on people who enjoy flogging. The only person of interest is a male tattoo artist which Chris doesn't like. Unfortunately, he wasn't noteworthy enough for me to remember his name.

Lastly, this train wreck of a relationship ends without any real resolution. Ms. Jones weaves in another cliffhanger. Not sure who is advising her of this technique. It's leaves a book unfinished and a reader irritated. This is the last book in this series for me. Each one is progressively closer to the melodrama of a young adult genre. Those stories are not enjoyable for me.

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