Review: The Switch

The Switch
The Switch by C.C. Denham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dressed up as Bettie Page for Halloween is a perfect outfit for Marion, a dominant in an exclusive private BDSM club. She's part owner of the club and attending one of her best friend's birthday party. This costume birthday bash combined with Halloween is the best time for Marion to confront Grayson. Grayson is a submissive male who doesn't know about Marion's business activities.

Ms. Denham is a new to me author. Her story is captivating with interesting characters. The BDSM is very light which is why it's been categorized as SugarKink. The exclusive members-only club for the wealthy also earns the GlitterKink badge. Boy is this an enjoyable sweet femdom book with a twist for a switch. This is easily a Gateway to BDSM book, especially for kinky readers who are trying out femdom to see if it is their kink. Ms. Denham pens a lovely erotic romance where friends turn into lovers. Her writing style is smooth and easy to follow. It's a pleasure to read this smexy book. This book is the start of the series and promising to deliver more complicated relationship and perhaps more kinky sex. She's an author to watch. This erotic romance is recommended to femdom lovers who also enjoy switching.

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