Review: Ten Shades of Submission

Ten Shades of Submission
Ten Shades of Submission by Jim Lyon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Looking for sexy femdom stories with intense edge play? Mr. Lyon is the author to read. This collection of ten femdom tales are sizzling hawt with the pegging and sadistic sexual torments. This is the book to read for a good spank bank material. These stories are BDSM fantasy with only a hint of the BDSM lifestyle. These are the secret fantasies which brings a smile to the readers face as they vicariously enjoy the humiliations of the men. The surge of arousal with the total power exchange is delicious.

Mr. Lyon's stories are tightly written. Each one provides a heat for those who enjoy SM. It starts out light and increases in the sexual tension. A couple of Mr. Lyon's stories involve body modification. Not many authors are willing to depict the procedure and aftermath of a body modification. Mr. Lyon goes there and does it in a way which is erotically charged for those of us who are depraved. This book is not for those who are just getting started into BDSM books. It's not romance. It's hardcore BDSM fantasy for those who enjoy the darker themes and revel in the taboo. This book is recommended to femdom lovers who enjoy the dark mind.

*I received this book as a review copy from the BDSM Group's R2R in return for an honest review

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