Review: Two Geeks And Their Girl

Two Geeks And Their Girl
Two Geeks And Their Girl by Tymber Dalton

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The Romance Review

Not everyone loves techno gadgets. There are some who fear it and the machines know it!

Amanda, aka Manny, is retired military who now works in the private sector. Electronics don't agree with her and it's pretty obvious. Korbin and Rhys are the typical socially awkward programming geeks. Their lack of touch with harsh reality is quite apparent as they collide with Manny. What is interesting is Ms. Dalton's accurate depiction of those who don't know anything about the military trials and tribulations. Their interaction is amusing. Ms. Dalton creates a sweet ménage while sliding in a bit of heavy material.

Manny suffers from PTSD which explains her sometimes grumpy manner. Her story of survival is becoming all too common in our veterans. It is a travesty what they go through. Those who survive the battles still have a long way to go as they try to integrate into the civilian world. Ms. Dalton shows sensitivity to this situation which is much appreciated.

The characters in this story are what makes it enjoyable. Their erotic dance as well as their fiery conflicts make for a fun and easy read. The romance is sweet. The plot is a bit weak. Setting up a mystery is not Ms. Dalton's strong suit. The suspense feels forced, and the perpetrators of the crime is quite a stretch. Ms. Dalton writes better erotic romances with hawt kinky scenes. Overall, this story felt like a story written for a couple of her personal friends. The readers are just along for the ride. It's an enjoyable, if a bit bumpy.

This story is recommended for ménage lovers who look for happily-ever-afters.

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      Two Geeks And Their Girl




:) I can't wait to see what you think about it. When will you get to it, AVR?

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