Review: When the Starrs Align

When the Starrs Align
When the Starrs Align by Marie Harte

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The Romance Review

Sandwiched between handsome powerful twin males, how is this not a fantasy come true? When the two men are the bullies of your childhood. Regan is a late blooming feline shifter. Her father is a warlock with powerful magic. Her mother was a shifter which dilutes Regan's blood and turns her into a low rung mongrel in the eyes of the powerful warlocks and witches.

The Starr brothers, Chance and Warrick, are the two most powerful warlocks on the cusp of their "Becoming". They need a third to help them channel their magic and that person is Regan. Unfortunately for them, Regan wants to have nothing to do with them due to their unfortunate series of childhood mishaps.

Ms Harte is an awesome writer. Her stories are always enjoyable because her comedic timing is perfect. She creates endearing characters. Even her "evil" mother-in-law character isn't really evil. Chance and Warrick's mother is focused and determined. She's also intimidating. What is amusing about this story is the reveal of the pranks from two sets of eyes. When Regan exposes her hurt over each painful act, the Starr brothers cringe and explain their intent. It's hilarious when the truths are revealed. At least the reader will find humour even if Regan does not.

The world building in this story is a bit weaker than the others written by Ms Harte. It could be that she's withholding information so she can provide more in future installments of this series. If this is a standalone, then the world will crumble under the lightest scrutiny. Still, the sex is hot. Who wouldn't want to be the filling between two charming twins with kinky leanings? To enjoy orgasm after orgasm at the hands of talented men is a hardship, but someone's gotta do it. Regan suffers through the exquisite torture all in the name of helping to save the town. Somehow the other women competing for Chance and Warrick's attention don't see it the same way. Ms. Harte is always a good read when it comes to naughty misbehaviours.

This paranormal romance is recommended for kinky ménage lovers.

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