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Being Their Baby
Being Their Baby by Korey Mae Johnson

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Ageplay lovers, this is a book for you! Not only is there a Daddy Dom, but there is a Mommy and an Uncle. This type of ageplay story hits many of my kinks. Not only is there treatment as a young child, there is also bad baby punishment! Sophie is an eighteen year old who is dealt a raw hand. Her mother is trash. Her stepfather is abusive. Her grandfather is an asshole. Sophie does the best she can to get out of the hell hole she's in. She is certainly no victim. She's a survivor trying to do things the best she can with not enough education and no support.

Sophie is given a helping hand by a woman at the office she works. Liz, a high powered lawyer, is into ageplay and wants another little girl. The last one she shared with her boyfriend, Charlie, left them for another guy. Added to the mix is sexy Uncle Josh, Charlie's younger brother. In this story, there is a Daddy Dom, Mommy Domme and a switch. Where do I sign up?

This story may be difficult for some because both Charlie and Liz are in their late 30s while Sophie is only eighteen. There is about a twenty year difference. Josh is closer to Sophie's age at twenty-nine. In addition, some may also object to the forcing of a vanilla sexually inexperienced girl into the kinky ageplay lifestyle. These issues aside, the actual ageplay parts are pretty hawt. The punishments are real spankings, paddlings and birching. It's not funishment. Nor is bratty behaviour allowed to fester for long. Ms. Johnson's description of Sophie's reaction is great because it shows how painful the punishments are as well as the resulting correction. This enforcement of rules for a young girl who does need guidance is erotically stimulating for ageplay lovers. Basically, Sophie's tears and screams for mercy fell on deaf ears for this reader. Sophie earned every painful swat with her poor behaviour.

From a realistic standpoint, there are concerns to this story. Will Sophie ever mature if she is forever kept as a "little"? She's never had a chance to mature with family support. There is also the issue with the neglect as a child which modern society deems as child abuse. This is in addition to the physical beatings doled out by her stepfather. With the punishments she receives from Charlie, Liz and Josh, does it cross a line? Can Sophie distinguish between the two? From this readers perspective, yes, it can be distinguished, but only because I have the experience and maturity to tell the difference. From Sophie's perspective, perhaps not.

Still, the different scene where Sophie is taken to task are delightful. What I really enjoyed, are the rules and regiment they gave Sophie. Sometimes, it is a relief not to have to make any decisions and just be taken care of. To have a bubble bath and given nap time when exhausted sounds like heaven. Would this be possible 24/7? Probably not, but as a fantasy, it's a nice one to visit. Even the forced enema and diaper time is pretty attractive for those who enjoy this kind of kink. While it could be humiliating to be changed and forced to eat baby food and drink out of a bottle, it's a tempting submission for some. It's definitely not for everyone. Ms. Johnson does a good job of showing why and how it can be appealing. She does tend to show how it can be appealing more from the dominant's perspective than the submissive. This is a difference which I appreciate and enjoyed reading. This kinky poly romance is highly recommended to ageplay lovers.

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