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Breeder by Cara Bristol

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This is a winner. Ms Bristol pounces into the space opera genre with a delightful domestic discipline story.

Omra is a female from the Planet Parseon. As all females, they are kept as breeders. She's been abused and starved while waiting for a male to buy her and breed her. Commander Dak spies her dirty cringing form at the back of a cell. He purchases her and so begins his world turning upside down.

The world building in this story is good. The Parseon culture is very unbalanced and it's interesting to learn why. It's also interesting how much of the sexual orientation is focused on m/m. As a m/m reader, this is an odd twist. Ms Bristol does a fine job of creating a complete story without any cliffhangers. While there are some outstanding questions about the world, my guess is the information will be revealed in the next book in the series. This is good because it hooks the reader in and makes them want to read the next book.

The characters in this book are engaging. Omra is not a particularly strong female, but she is one with integrity. She blossoms under a bit of kindness and respect. She's easy to understand and endears herself easily to readers. Dak is an alpha male who is progressive. He's also able to question the status quo due to both his position and his intelligence. He's a worthy hero.

The sex in this story is sweet between the two. Ms Bristol does a good job of building the sexual heat. She adds in kinky domestic discipline with just the right touch. The punishments are true painful corrections instead of erotic funishments. This is much appreciated since many times domestic discipline is watered down and the female turns into an attention-seeking brat.

In contrast, the dynamics between Omra and Dak are lovely to witness. It is clear Dak is a fair male who lays down the rules and enforces it. Omra is a timid, yet hard working submissive. When she submits to Dak, it's an erotic pleasure to watch.

This space opera is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a bit of domestic discipline.

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