Review: Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night
Bump in the Night by Rachel Haimowitz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a must read book. For those looking for clever creepy creatures taking a human, this is the book for you. The most disturbing one is from talented writer, Ms. Gregg.  It isn't because it is scary. It's because it is erotically arousing with a very dark theme. The other stories are all well done with insidious undertones of demonic domination.

In Mating Season, Ms. Gregg titillates the reader with tentacle sex and forced breeding. This depraved story is well written with a focused plot. The characters are simplistic but this is fine because the sex scenes are fabulous. The non-con in addition to the sexual acts will be remembered for a long time. How can anyone top fisting, sounding and face fucking by tentacles? The poor boy tricked into bestiality with a creature is blazing hot. The details in his rape are erotically charged. Ms. Gregg does an excellent job with vivid depraved descriptions.

A close second in creepiness is Flesh and Song by Ally Blue. Once again, there are tentacles involved in this erotic m/m story. Ms. Blue creates a horrifying existent for a man making a pact with a demon. What is interesting is the long con in order to meet the ending the demon desires. The sex in this story is rough and non-con. The added element of fear increases the arousal. It's a kinky swamp thing creature who can make dreams come true. Ms. Blue is a new to me author whom I'm going to keep an eye on.

The rest of the authors, Ms. Hunter, Mr. Michaels, Mr. Hansen, Ms. Belleau and Mr. Schooler all write great stories mixing kinky sex with menacing monsters. All of the stories follow the theme of losing a soul due to the seductive offers of nightmarish beasts wearing a handsome mask. Each of the stories are tightly written. It's surprising how well they can elicit a sexual response with chilling villains. Each author dances the fine line between sexy and gross very well with attractive attributes. The reader can't help but enjoy the main character's downfall. With such captivating monsters providing tantalizing bargains, it's hard to say no. Even those with good intentions fall short and end up with punishing consequences.

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