Review: Club Wonderland

Club Wonderland
Club Wonderland by Christine d'Abo

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Want to walk on the wild side? Club Wonderland is a BDSM club I want to find. This is a 3.5 star story with a wonderful BDSM club. Ms. D'Abo's new series Friends and Benefits is fabulously kinky. The introduction of BDSM to Alice White is perfect for the BDSM Gateway category.

The kinky scenes in this tale are delicious. Ms. D'Abo does a great job of breaking in a new to BDSM person to the delights of submission. The theme of boss to subordinate increases the heat because it crosses the work authority taboo. Alice sees her boss, Gael Hernandez, going into a club and ends up finding a secret world she never knew. If only it were so easy to find this kind of club. Ms. D'Abo creates a fantasy BDSM filled with kinky scenes, sexy tools of the trade and a terrifying club owner. It's a captivating blend.

The BDSM in this story is shed in a positive light. While the play scenes are realistic, the entire BDSM package is washed under a romantic light. For those who are interested in the romantic version of BDSM, this story is very good. The characters are well developed. The conflict in the story is both believable and a bit depressing. What is good about this story is the conclusion to resolving the conflict reflects real world outcomes. Even though the sex is romantically kinky, the plot is well constructed - down to the bittersweet ending. This kinky erotica is recommended as a BDSM Gateway book. It will hook a reader into reading more BDSM novels.

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      Club Wonderland (Friends and Benefits, #2)




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