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The Exhibition
The Exhibition by Grace Marshall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stacie's story finally arrives! This mischief causing klutzy sexpot redeems herself in the end of this trilogy. From the first book, Stacie's good intentions have only screwed up situations beyond all recognition. She's irritating and a reader only wants to smack her hard to knock some sense into her. It's baffling as to why the Thorne brothers love her so much. Really, how does one stay such good friends with an ex-fiancée and ex-wife? It boggles the mind.

Harris, friends with the Thorne brother's wives, he feels the same. Stacie hurt his friends, why would he ever want to interact with her? Stacie is determined to win Harris over so she can showcase his amazing photographs in her art gallery. This book comes under the guise of romance between two frenemies turning into lovers. It's much more than a contemporary romance. This tale is one of vengeance and retribution. When a smart woman's been pissed off, she will take years for payback to occur. Stacie is my kind of woman.

Ms. Marshall turns a seemingly shallow character and builds her up in layers. Stacie is definitely more than meets the eye. She's also someone who is determined to right the injustices. While I didn't really like or understand Stacie, I did appreciate her planning. Ms. Marshall does a great job of setting it up and when it came all together in the end, I am blown away. Within twenty four hours of finishing the book, I'm already re-reading sections because I loved it. I savoured certain sections over and over again. I must have read a few of my favourite passages at least ten times already.

Ms. Marshall concludes this world with all parties exactly how a reader would wish. This satisfying end makes this book a four star for me. The writing is definitely well done. The plot is easy to follow and it is clear there is something else going on. What makes it good is the unexpected twist. I enjoy being caught off guard. Ms. Marshall is one of maybe a handful of authors who accomplished this very difficult feat. I didn't anticipate the ending and my stomach clenched in knots as I try to figure out how this will all resolve. This tension generates a euphoric feeling when it suddenly releases with a punch to the gut.

Ms. Marshall also writes great love interests as well as secondary characters. Generally I don't enjoy switching point of views. In this story, it's done so well, I don't notice it at all. Each character is lovingly created to add their special personality for this group of friends. The bonds of friendship as well as love for each other is very attractive. This generates a feel good sentiment which most readers really enjoy. I personally love when successful people with different talents are all good friends. None of them are cookie cutter. They are unique and yet fit together so well. I highly recommend this contemporary romance to those who love a woman who bring a man to his knees.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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