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Just My Luck
Just My Luck by Gail Koger

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Oh good lord I laughed so hard at a few of the scenes. I nearly woke my sleeping husband up. Ms. Koger is definitely a must buy author. Her sense of humour is off the wall and just my kind. I bought this book a year ago and for some unknown reason, never read it. It's probably because it wasn't kinky sex - or what I consider kinky sex. After reading the 3rd book in this series, I went back to read this one.

Kaylee Jones is a walking trouble magnet. She should be locked up for other people's safety! I can't believe all the shit that happens to her. She's a walking cluster fuck. It's hilarious yet sad. It's funny because she gets into these crazy situations which will give everyone in her family white hairs. Or the males will go bald from pulling out all their hair. Ms. Koger creates a great kick ass female lead who won't let anything get her down. She will come up with ways to find a solution. What is sad about this story is why Kaylee is the way she is. These dangerous situations are common for those who have no reason to live. Essentially, Kaylee is committing suicide by placing herself in the worst situations. This is understandable and the underlying theme is very subtle. For me, it hurts to think about it. Ms. Koger doesn't beat the reader over the head with this heavy message. Instead, she creates a character who is in extreme denial while the rest of her family tries to get through to her.

Tarlee is a Coletti Warlord and he is in trouble - more than being eaten by his enemy or turned into a feral. He decides to mate Kaylee. Is he crazy? He can barely keep up with her shenanigans. The way she constantly saves his butt is definitely an ego crushing blow. This is because he comes from a culture where men are the warriors while women are protected. Well, females are treasured as breeding mares. He is an alpha male who is constantly trying not to spank his chosen mate. His method of punishment really isn't curtailing her misbehaviour. Honestly, constant screaming orgasms as punishment isn't going to be making me change my behaviour either.

Ms. Koger creates interesting characters. The alpha male who is always one step too late to save his chosen mate. The female warrior who is pint sized and packs a mean punch. I loved it!

The world building is great. I love space opera so this world filled with aliens and HUGE dicks is awesome. The fact that some of the dicks have tentacles - BONUS! What I'd really like to read, is a spin off book with Kaylee's cousin, Sam, mating with the alien who possesses a dick the size of a horse. Good lord almighty, how will that work? I'm also hoping Ms. Koger will kink up her stories with bondage and anal fucking. *please, pretty please?* Oh OH! And maybe some hard spanking? *bats eyes coquettishly at Ms. Koger*

It will be interesting to see if any of the human males will be featured in their own stories. Or perhaps they will be combined in an anthology with their own short story. This world is so rich with fascinating characters and aliens with a past. Ms. Koger needs to write faster. This is a book I will read over and over again. Put it on your "Bitch, buy this book now" shelf. Highly recommended to space opera readers who love a frustrated alpha male.

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      Just My Luck (Coletti Warlords #1)




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