Review: Little Prick

Little Prick
Little Prick by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Porcupine and honey badger shifters, what is the paranormal romance world coming to? Can it get any more ridiculous with these oddball shifters? Not sure what to expect, this reader examined this book with an eye searching for ludicrous writing. Instead of silliness, the story completely captured my attention. Why haven't I read this series earlier? I just started reading this series at book 9? Obviously, I've been missing out.

Pansy is a porcupine shifter in a family of wolf shifters. The reason why she is completely different is quite a moving story. In a very short time, Ms Masters creates an easy to understand world of shifters, fae and the mating call. The characters are adorable. The story is smooth and tightly written. It can also be read as a standalone. Each of these books in the series can be read by itself and in any order. The only common thread is this "Crossroads" place where shifters getting serious about finding a mate will visit.

This story does include a little sex. What really makes this story is the idea of family bonds. What an entire family sacrifices in order to protect one of their own is very sweet.

Ms Master also includes her quirky sense of humor. I wish I could produce porcupine quills as easily as Pansy does. She uses those to her benefit in ways I find very interesting. This happily ever after romance is recommended to shifter lovers who are tired of the regular standby animals and want something different.

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