Review: More Than Truth

More Than Truth
More Than Truth by Amanda Vyne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A paranormal society with blood magic tying the paranormal creatures through a genetic marker is a new one. Ms Vyne brings a fresh look to gene manipulation. This story is captivating and will keep a reader turning page after page until the story is done. MORE THAN TRUTH is the third in this series. It's fine to read as a standalone although reading the first two would help with understanding the world and the different types of paranormal creatures.

In this fast-paced story, brilliant Dr. Brit Mahoney is the center of all the activity. She's a weapon because of her high intelligence and understanding of genetics. She's also an integral piece to saving many lives, more than just a few she is focused on. While this story is racing against time to save victims of inhumane experimentation, an erotic binding ménage is trying to coalesce. Brit is the mate to a set of sexy twins, Taggart and Vincent Jennings. These two males are Drachon, which is a form of dragon. Both Taggart and Vincent can definitely enflame Brit's libido. The three together is an erotic feast.

What I really enjoyed about this story is the science portions mingled with paranormal powers. Even though the titillating threesome sex is smoking hawt, it's the way Brit figures out a cure which keeps me riveted. Ms Vyne forces Brit to work through a problem in a logical manner. Watching Brit solve a problem and using others through telepathy is fascinating. It's what I wish I could do. It's literally a meeting of the minds.

Ms Vyne adds little nuances to each scene to make it richer. She doesn't just describe the way a character feels. She also draws a picture for a reader to easily visualize. She adds in other sensory details which helps a reader feel as if they are enmeshed in the story.

Ms Vyne's story writing is tight as it gives a reader a beginning, middle and satisfying end. She cleverly leaves a hook to cause a reader to hope for the next book to be released soon. My guess is the main character will be Meghann, a secondary yet key character in this book. This paranormal romance is recommended for ménage lovers who have a little bit of geek in them.

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