Review: The Pleasures of Autumn

The Pleasures of Autumn
The Pleasures of Autumn by Evie Hunter

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Pleasures of Autumn is definitely my favourite of the Pleasures series to date. Dynamic duo making up team Evie Hunter is hitting their stride. This latest in the Pleasures series showcases both their writing maturity as well as their ability to crank up the heat.

Sinead O'Sullivan is the female lead. She is a shy exhibitionist. How is this possible? She's demure in her public life. In her private life, she dances burlesque behind a mask. Immediately I'm attracted to this character because of her complexities and her dancing. As a fan of burlesque, reading about a woman paying her schooling through dancing is very enjoyable. It's nice to see how a woman can both be quiet at times and very sassy in others. Ms. Hunter definitely knows how to create great female characters. Niall Moore is the male lead who is sexy, dominant and in way over his head. He's never dealt with a woman like Sinead. She definitely keeps him on his toes. It's amusing witnessing a controlling dominant with carefully laid plans thrown off kilter.

This story is well written which invokes emotions in the reader. This helps make the book better because it causes the reader to feel more engaged. Specifically, the frustrations of Sinead as she tries to prove her innocence is what pulls me in. In addition, the roleplaying of a Domme to find answers she needs is very amusing. The most amusing part is forcing Niall to submit as a submissive in order to gather intel. This is hilarious because as most people have experienced, alpha male dominants do not submit gracefully. It's a nice twist. The payback Niall deals Sinead is smoking hawt.

The BDSM in this story is enjoyable. Is it realistic for the common populace? Probably not. Still, from a rich fantasy point of view, it's most likely probable. I just don't happen to run in those circles. The whipping scenes in this story are decently researched which made me very happy. The tidbit of professional dominatrix with pet play incorporated is also realistic. This book definitely upped the kink factor. Hopefully if there is another in this series, the kinkiness will only increase. Perhaps the authors will explore D/s more deeply. Overall, this is a great read and highly recommended as BDSM Gateway book.

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      The Pleasures of Autumn (Pleasures, #3)




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