Review: Safeword Rainbow -- 2013 extended edition

Safeword Rainbow -- 2013 extended edition
Safeword Rainbow -- 2013 extended edition by Candace Blevins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was my first book by Ms. Blevins I read. Back then, I didn't have as much edgeplay experience and my limits were still quite a plenty. Years later, a bit more experienced with BDSM and into sadistic BDSM, I return to read an extended version. This version is definitely a pleasure to read. To see Ms. Blevins' writing maturity is another pleasure.

In this story, the sadism is a bit too much for me. Even after these past few years, I still cringe at the intense impact play. The things Tyler does to Viv makes me shudder and shiver, sometimes in lust. Sometimes it is in fear. Previously, if I had read about no safeword, I'd have been hopping mad. Now after a bit more experience, I'm fine with the no safeword. I've played without one and it was a mind blowing experience. This is why I can understand both Viv's fear yet excitement.

What is interesting in this one, Ms. Blevins highlights the 24/7 relationship. I liked how she presented the different sides. The struggle between one who wants 24/7 and one who isn't into it. It's nice to see Viv as a strong female who won't just roll over and play doormat. Yet she submits so very nicely.

The honeymoon resort is fabulous. I've been told there are resorts like this around the world, just that they aren't easy to find. Ms. Blevins does a great job of writing realistic scenes into her books. What kind of worries yet excites me more is trying to figure out which of these sadistic scenes Ms. Blevins experienced to write these explicitly.

From a personally perspective, it seems these BDSM scenes have increased in intensity and they make me squicky. I'm mentally not turned on, yet my pussy is wet. Why is this? I feel like Viv in some ways. Her conflicted body responses. Recommended for BDSM enthusiasts who love sadistic alpha Doms.

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