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Sirens in Bliss
Sirens in Bliss by Sophie Oak

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What happens after the "happily ever after"? Erotic romance author extraordinaire Sophie Oak brings together many of the happy sets from both the Siren and Bliss series and present it in a wedding, funeral and birth extravaganza. This book is filled with babies, pregnant ladies, precocious children, marriages on the rocks and a dead body.

With all these threads, one would think the story would be chaotic and confusing. Ms Oak does a great job of weaving all the threads together to show an ideal community. A community which above all is a family. They may not be perfect, but they will help out and love unconditionally. This is a powerful message and one which is demonstrated over and over again in each marriage unit. Sometimes it's the love of a new mother-in-law who lives in a world where eating beets prove that a person is human. As a side note, I'm not sure why people abhor beets. I love them. I must be eating a different kind because my teeth don't stain purple for that long.

Other times, it's the acceptance that the blood relatives may cut a person off from because they disapprove of the marriage arrangements. Instead of spitefully cutting that blood relative off, the person lets them know the door is always open if they want to start the relationship up again. This takes a lot of love to be able to still reach out after being violently rejected. Ms Oak does a wonderful job of character building and bringing the human side of life to light.

Sometimes, it's a little too illuminating. It feels as if having children is the death of a sex life. It seems that way in many of these previously happy ménages and couple's relationships. With children, the D/s elements also fall to the wayside. It's a rather frighteningly reality and Ms Oak does a nice job of balancing out the love of a child with the love of a lover.

The sex in this story is a bit sketchy and rushed. It seems to mimic real life when married folks with kids try to have sex. Just as the foreplay is getting heated, a fast climax is pushed through due to stolen moments away from prying children's eyes. It leaves a reader high and dry. The kinky BDSM though is very subtle as it takes a back seat to more pressing problems such as trust issues, secrets, alien anal probing and blackmail.

The humor these characters bring to life with wacky ways to solve life's problem is always entertaining. What is really surprising is a story filled with people who have different opinions on politics and social issues, yet they all still get along. This is truly admirable and lovely to read. This story is heartwarmingly filled with people who have become beloved characters. Recommended for romance lovers who wonder what happens after a "happily ever after".

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