First Saturday of the month: Njoy Metal G Spot Fun Wand

Since I tried the Njoy Pure Wand, I figured I'd test out the Metal G Spot Fun Wand.  Oh boy was this a good purchase too.  Just like the pure wand, this one is great with temperature play.

Here are my reviewing categories

1. Not Worthy - not worth purchasing or even testing.
2. Spark - it sparked my interest but never kept it.  Can't remember the last time I played with it.
3. Flame - this one will generate orgasms and it's a good toy to keep in your toy chest.
4. Blaze - this is a favourite and guaranteed to cause me orgasms.  In addition, it's one I always want on hand.

My rating

This is a flame.  It's not one I'll always use, but it is one I'd keep in my toy chest to pull out for something different.

The Where

This can be purchased directly from Njoy for $95 USD or it can be purchased on Amazon for $$63.99 with prime shipping.  There are various other sex toy outlets selling this toy.  Just look for coupons to buy at a discount.

The Why

The stainless steel really feels good.  I never thought metal which is unyielding would feel quite so good in my pussy or ass.  The three "beads" on one end feel good as anal beads going into the ass.  Flip it around and the nob feels so good in the pussy against the g-spot.

The Pros

This can easily be cleaned.  In addition, if one wanted to sterilize it by using an autoclave, it would be perfectly fine.  Or throw it into the dishwasher.  The versatility of a rounded knob or three anal beads gives more bang for the buck.  Since the metal is susceptible to temperature, heat and ice play feels really good.  Leave the wand in a bowl of ice and then slide it into the pussy or ass.  Both feel exquisite.

This is an easy toy to pack in a soft bag and taken on a plane through a carry-on.  The TSA agent may give you a funny look, but who cares?

The Cons

The distance between the two ends isn't enough.  My recommendation, use it in the pussy first and then switch to using it for anal play.  Don't switch back to pussy because it is very easy to get the anal part touching the pussy and causing an infection.  Lastly, this toy isn't really best to play with alone.  Some may be able to orgasm just with this toy.  It's best in combination with a vibrating device against the clit.

Because it is polished, if it isn't kept in the box it comes in, it can get scratched up.  For those who have issues with scratched up metal, it can be a problem.

The Boring Specs

Length: 8" (200 mm)
Width: Knob and largest bead ~ 1" (25 mm), smallest bead ~ 3/4" (19mm)
Weight: 12 oz (340 g)
Material: Polished stainless steel


I know what I'm getting with some of that tax refund. ;)

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