January 2014 Book Recommendations

Contemporary Maledom

The Denim Dom (The Suncoast Society) The Denim Dom by Tymber Dalton is an amazing BDSM contemporary story. Tony finally receives his story. This one had me completely over the moon. This is the Tymber Dalton I fell in love with. My Review

Pinch Me (The Suncoast Society) Pinch Me by Tymber Dalton is another delicious maledom. This one contains a little suspense. It's another heart twisting one. My review should be showing up as soon as it's approved. Suffice to say, it's a delicious read. My Review

Intense SM
Safeword Rainbow -- 2013 extended edition (Safeword, #1) Safeword Rainbow -- 2013 extended edition by Candace Blevins is a revision of one of her earlier works. I loved this story the first time around. The extended version is just as good as the first with more enhancements. I can see Ms. Blevins' growth as an author. The SM is a bit more than I can handle at times. My review

Femdom Sissification
The Hotel The Hotel by Deborah Ford is a new to me author. She is heavy into the humiliation and body modification. For those who love sissification (and little sex) this is one to read.My Review

Mind fucks
The Delicious Torment  A Story of Submission The Delicious Torment: A Story of Submission by Alison Tyler is really quite mixed for me. Basically, I don't know if I hate or love Jake. I'm pissed at Alex yet I wouldn't mind being ass fucked by him. Yes, it's a dilemma. My Review

Space Opera
Lord Regret's Price (Jane Austen Space Opera, #3) Lord Regret's Price by Joely Sue Burkhart is absolutely fabulous with the world building. The kinky ménage is always a plus. My Review

Dirty Deeds (Dirty Deeds, #1) Dirty Deeds by S.E. Jakes is a cock tease. It's supposed to be a short story but I think it's actually a serial. Some of the hawtest online sex. Be warned, you must read the Hell or High Water series first. My Review

Magpie (Avian Shifters, #2) Magpie by Kim Dare is a must read book. The second in the avian shifter series, it explains the world much better. In addition, it takes a completely loathsome main character and turns him around. Of course the kinky sex is delicious. My Review

Lyric's Cop (Crime Tells, #1) Lyric's Cop by Jory Strong is a good mystery story with some lovely characters and kinky fun. This is a pleasant surprise of a story and recommended for those who want a bit of light fun.My Review


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