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Bonds of Hope
Bonds of Hope by Lynda Aicher

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Marcus in this BDSM den of iniquity is now tangling with a celebrity, Quinn Andrews. In this four book in the Wicked Play Series, Ms. Aicher's writing style as well as her ability to portrayal BDSM is much improved.

Quinn is a child star whose good girl image needs a bit maturing. Her latest role will feature her as a sexual submissive in a TV series. Somehow, this leads her to Marcus who will train her as a submissive. This entire set up spells Charlie-Foxtrot to me. I read on with dread in the pit of my stomach. This is because from a BDSM lifestyler point of view, it's best to fly under the radar. Allowing a celebrity into a society which needs to stay discreet is anathema.

The world building is richer in this story as is the character development. While I can't understand or relate to Quinn's world, it is clear on the downsides. The reader can connect with Quinn more. She's a bit of a lost little rich girl. While she possesses money, it is sad to see she doesn't control her own life. The glimpses Ms. Aicher shows of how Quinn needs to live makes Quinn more human. I feel sympathy for how she has to be so careful. It's difficult and frustrating. The way she's used as a commodity by her mother and agent are even more horrifying. Quinn is very much a product of her environment.

Marcus is a great guy. He isn't perfect yet he knows his limitations and accepts it. This is good to find in a dominant. His dominating style is so very good. Ms. Aicher does an excellent job of capturing BDSM scenes in this story. She still doesn't have the D/s part down, but the BDSM technique of it is good. I'm aroused by the scenes. This story is less about the BDSM and really more about the romance between two people from different worlds. The story is well written that with or without the BDSM part, it would still be an enjoyable read. The BDSM just gives it a spicy taste. This erotic novel is recommended as a BDSM gateway book.

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      Bonds of Hope (Wicked Play, #4)




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