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Come Undone
Come Undone by Madelynne Ellis

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Rock & roll and fame isn't all that's it's cracked up to be. Ms. Ellis writes a gritty love gone wrong in this contemporary erotica. Xane Geist is the driving force behind Black Halo. He writes the power lyrics and croons the tormented songs. His songs are personal as they contain deep intimate meaning. With his love betrayed, he pulls out of the band. It's also his chance meeting with Daniella Fosbrook.

This story is filled with angst. It's not a young adult melodrama. It's a truly saddening story of being misunderstood. Ms. Ellis does a good job of showing how a public persona can be misperceived as the same as the private persona. The way she shows how a famous person has lost their way is well done. An underlying message of this story is that sometimes it takes a new element to give a different perspective. This new element is Dani.

The conflict in this story is both believable and heartbreaking. The journey of self-discovery is not easy. What really moves me is the betrayal of a sexual partner and a lover. This twisted love triangle along with the sadistic deception is infuriating. Why is it the one we love is the one who can hurt us the most? This way the heart is stabbed through from the back is what really makes a reader wince. The surprise attack can throw anyone off and for a sensitive man like Xane, it does just that. The characters in this story are well written and clearly shows their emotions and motivation. More depth is added through Dani's side story which meshes well into this plot. The hints and reveal of how she's been punished is disturbing and pulls a reader in. Will there be retribution against the women in the cult?

The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger. This is something that bugs me. However, in this book, it doesn't seem as bad because this story is self-contained. It's not story cut short. The ending does hook the reader to want to read the next book and find out what happens. This romance is recommended for those who love angsty rock star themes.

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