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Crossing the Line
Crossing the Line by Kele Moon

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How does Ms. Moon do it?

Tabitha is a hated be-yotch who broke Wyatt's heart. She left him without a word. Thirteen years later, he's the county sheriff and Tabitha rolls into Garnet. She is probably the most hated female not just because she hurt Wyatt. She is a famous author now who uses Wyatt and her experiences with him as material for her bestselling books. For such intimate details to be plastered in written words for everyone to read, how is this not the ultimate betrayal? Prepared with my pitchfork and fiery torch, I'm ready to burn the beyotch. To my surprise, Kele Moon changes my hard and judgmental stance.

Ms. Moon is the mistress of "there are two sides to every story". She does this so well in all her contemporary romances. It shouldn't surprise me by now, yet each time, I'm caught off guard and charmed. In CROSSING THE LINE, the reader is treated to Tabitha's point of view. We learn about her past and how she grew up with Clay. It explains so much. The lives of Clay, Wyatt and Tabitha are all tied together so close yet it only takes one act to unravel it. How is this possible?

This part of the story is what makes it a bit odd. I can understand why Tabitha responded the way she did. She knows of Wyatt's temper and his hotheadedness. Still, the sacrifice she makes impacted more than just her. She had to have known that it would also tear Wyatt apart. This entire conflict is so sad. When the facts come to light, the sorrow can be felt, leaping off the page as both Wyatt and Clay howl in anguish.

Ms. Moon's strong suit is how well she generates emotion in her books. She is a master at creating conflict through believable, misguided actions and then bringing a solution. None of it feels forced. Instead, the reader follows along and as soon as they catch a glimpse of the full picture, their stomach clenches in dread. The reader's heart tightens to prepare itself for the bruising blow.

If you enjoy angst, Ms. Moon is the writer to read. It's not all doom and gloom. This Battered Hearts series includes a ray of hope from the unlikeliest characters. Each book in this series aptly depicts a battered heart and counterbalances with heroes. In this one, it's not just Wyatt or Clay as heroes. It is Nova. Cassanova aka Nova first showed up in book two of this series and he is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. He's young, sexy, dangerous and someone who can blur the lines. The way he protects who he considers family is fabulous. I can't wait for a book devoted to him and his story. I'm sure it will tear my heart out and I'll be weeping in my corner over him.

This contemporary romance is recommended for those who love angst resolving into a happily ever after.

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      Crossing the Line (Battered Hearts, #3)




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