Review: Feminized Cuckold

Feminized Cuckold
Feminized Cuckold by Ann Michelle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Those who enjoy humiliation and emotionally sadistic females, this is a spanking story for you. Ms. Michelle has caught my eye as one of the better writers of this niche genre. She tells most it from the man's point of view and it's pretty good. The guy actually sounds like a guy, forced to do things he doesn't want.

From a character development stand point, this book is more than others. The reader gets to know Paul through his shameful changes and body modification. This story is more journey driven than plot driven. I'm not saying this is porn without a plot. I'm saying this is porn with a delightful little twist at the end. If you are reading this book for a deeper meaning, they you are NOT the right audience.

This book is really for those who enjoy reading about a guy becoming sissified by his evil wife. The wife in this story is callous and a complete beyotch. We are meant to loath her while reveling in the dirty depraved things she forces her husband to do. Definitely a book for the spank bank.

Now is the sex in this book good? Not exactly. It's barely there. Ms. Michelle isn't graphic about Paul (Paula) receiving or giving sexual exchanges. There are no mewing milkings, lascivious cocksucking, pleasurable and painful peggings. There isn't even and forced anal sex while eating his wife's pussy out. Ms. Michelle seems to take a different way. She hints at what occurs behind the "closed" doors and fades to black. The focus of her stories is really the mind fucking and brain washing. If this is what you enjoy in your sissification stories, then this is the book for you.

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