Review: Goldie and Her Bears

Goldie and Her Bears
Goldie and Her Bears by Honor James

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

This bed is too firm. This bed is too soft. This bed is just right. In this fairy tale retold, Goldie finds her three bears and are all sexy men. The men are also shifters which is a nice twist. Typical with all shifter books as of late, the trope of finding a mate is an element to this paranormal romance.

The story starts out well with a spunky female lead. When she first meets her bears, Arkadios, Torben and Mahon, it looks to be quite erotically exciting. Then it takes an odd turn. I say this because the story tries to do a little too much. Is this an erotic story about a woman getting it on with three guys? Or is it about a woman who has issues with her past which is why she is all alone? Yet this doesn't make sense because the beginning shows her with a seemingly loving parents. This thread to the story is never explained. Or is this a suspense with a Goldie as the intended target?

Throughout the book, there are tangents which don't come to fruition. It seems as if they are used to build a more complex world but it doesn't work. An example are the hunters after these were-shifting bears. It's thrown in as a down pat explanation of why these three men are isolated out in the woods. Still this could have been okay if the introduction of Goldie's ex-bosses were not brought in as a conflict. The contrived conflict makes absolutely no sense. Why would they want her? What is the motive? This much over one woman who has nothing on them is strange. To top off this convoluted conflict, the dialog between the characters become a bit cheesy. "Woman this" and "woman that" doesn't come across amusing in bad soap operas. Reading it in a book doesn't really make it any better. There are good parts to this story. It would be better if it were paired down and focused. The sex is good. Ms. James' erotica is done well. If she could improve some of the dialog and remove tangents, it would help. This story is recommended to paranormal romance lover who like multiple men on one cute woman.

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