Review: Her Initiation

Her Initiation
Her Initiation by David Jewell

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Maledom with coarse degrading situations is Mr. Jewell's specialty. In this collection, it's a bit rough. Or it could be perhaps I've read too many books since I first started reading Mr. Jewell years ago and my tastes have changed.

This collection of stories revolve around women getting into BDSM. It's a slice of life view which treats the reader to just enough to get the juices flowing but not enough to seal the deal. It used to be his stories would have a bit more plot and detailed humiliating kinky sex. In this latest collection, it feels unfinished and toned down. The stories are more a stream of consciousness rather than a concise beginning, middle and end. The characters are bland and forgettable. Even this is okay if the BDSM sex is hardcore and non-con.

The BDSM in this collection is unimaginative. It's disappointing in its rushed and sketchy descriptions. The attention to detail is not there nor is there a sense of erotic interest. Instead of a musical feast of sexual depravity for the reader to revel in, it's background elevator music. This comes as a surprise since Mr. Jewell's previous novels have been gritty in its detail. He doesn't need to use fancy sexual equipment. He generally sets the scene up with hawt sexual submission. This element is missing in the collection and leaves a reader confused and hungry for something dirtier and rougher. The framework for this debauchery exists, it just feels watered down from Mr. Jewell's usual intensity. This BDSM collection is best suited for those just getting their feet wet with BDSM fantasies.

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